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CypherDash is the best PPC agency in the US. We focus on your success as a whole. Our experts create a strong strategy on the client’s requirement that helps your business to reach its goals by engaging its target audience and getting high traffic. Our PPC marketing services also increase conversion rates and business revenue.



Here is what includes in our PPC marketing services:

  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Ad Services
  • Addressable Ad Services
  • Facebook Ad Services
  • Remarketing Services
  • YouTube Ads

Pay Per Click Marketing


PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is one of the most effective forms of paid search model of online marketing as it builds brand awareness and brings instant traffic. This advanced form of online advertising is used for delivering faster results as compared to other marketing methods such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. However, it requires good knowledge to create a high-performance PPC campaign which helps your business engage its target audience and boost the conversion rates for higher profits.

Though people usually think of Google PPC when they hear about pay per click. But pay-per-click works beyond the Google search engine pages as it includes social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to promote your business or product.


  • Google Adwords
  • Search Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Amazon PPC Ads
  • Social Ads
  • In-stream Ads


At CypherDash, a top-class PPC agency, with a record of delivering hundreds of successful projects to our clients. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, we have solutions for all of your needs that fit your budget yet deliver effective results. Our certified expert team of PPC marketing has great experience and unmatched skills in the PPC industry. First, we learn your business goals by identifying your PPC campaign metrics, and then our PPC company professionals prepare the best pay per click strategy at a low price which suits your company to bring more traffic to your website. Our PPC company delivers a custom PPC campaign that helps your business to build more conversions and income for your company with our PPC management services. Our PPC management services take every detail into consideration and allow you to get the most out of our PPC services. So, make contact with our PPC agency as soon as possible and get the benefits of our cost-effective PPC services.


We serve the best PPC services in the market for businesses that help you to reach maximum growth and high ROI. Here are the services you get when you choose us as your PPC agency:

  • PPC Copywriting - In a PPC campaign, A fascinating title and description are used as an effective keyword which helps you to get more clicks. Our expert content writers write content that is catchy and effective for an advertising copy.
  • Strategic Keyword Research - The choice of the right keywords is important for the success of a paid ad campaign that’s why our PPC experts use professional tools to understand your customer’s search behavior to do a keyword analysis for your business, that drives targeted traffic to the client’s business.
  • PPC Management - Choose our PPC company and get high-end PPC management services that fit your budget and help you to boost conversion rates. Also, our pay per click management company manages everything from starting a PPC campaign to monitoring, keyword research & analysis, and PPC strategy.
  • Social Media Advertising - Our pay per click experts determine your target audience and examine their social media behavior by using images, videos, and texts to grow your customer reach and brand engagement. So, Invest in our best PPC services today to improve your brand recognition.
  • Google AdWords Services - Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads, is a paid advertising service provided by Google. Google Adwords Services allow advertisers to set a daily budget and use this platform to advertise their product and services on Google search result pages, gmails, YouTube, and many other websites. So, our PPC agency also delivers Google Adwords services for your business to make it grow.
  • Bid Management - At CypherDash, our PPC experts will bid only on keywords that are more likely to provide you a high return on investment. Bids are monitored carefully with importance on keywords that are most targeted yet least competitive.
  • Paid Search Advertising - Paid search experts at CypherDash optimize your strategies of ad targeting, prepare high-value keywords, develop PPC bidding strategies, and track your ROI. These practices allow our PPC agency to improve your brand recognition in the market and also promote your sales.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization - Our pay per click agency writes effective PPC ads, develops user-friendly lead capturing form, and tests your landing page designs to improve your conversion rate and help your company to get more return on investment.
  • Performance Reporting - CypherDash closely monitors your ROI and as part of our PPC management, all of the campaign reports will be reviewed regularly and shared with clients. Also, performance data including click rate and traffic reports for all keywords can be viewed by clients anytime.


Most Popular Questions

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What is PPC?

PPC is also known as pay-per-click which is an online advertising strategy where ads can be displayed on various websites, search engines, and social platforms, also, advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ad.

What do PPC marketing services include?

What includes your PPC service depends on the agency that is providing you services. We can not say about others but our PPC services include advertising on Google and Bing, as well as optimization of your ads with all the fixings.

How much do PPC marketing services cost?

It depends on what the client is looking for to get the best outcomes. The most important, the plan as well as the strategy you want from our experts to achieve your business goal.

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